haier portable air conditioner 12,000 btu reviews

NewAir does this trick through a combination of upgraded features. Your roommate just bought a new portable air conditioner, one boasting over 8,000 BTUs. The unit’s operating noise level tends to be a hit-or-miss affair, however. Let’s take one for a spin and find out. Featured. The Sunpentown is a very good all-rounder, especially if you don’t have a huge space to cool. It takes less than 15 minutes to snap hoses on connectors, place in window, add foam strip to prevent air & bugs from coming in. This Haier unit looks a bit more techno than others, merging a black-and-silver design with a flat, upright form factor. It fits in any standard window and spaces anywhere from 12 to 47 inches, and can be installed and uninstalled on your own at any time. Haier 12,000 btu portable air conditioner. It’s a pretty big sacrifice for the additional heater feature. If you have horizontal sliding windows, then you’re at a disadvantage since the exhaust kit only comes with one extension to suit vertical installations. Check Price. Adding to the inconspicuous profile of the LG LP1217GSR is its lack of noticeable noise. Considering that it is possible to get this unit brand new for under $500, this is a huge steal. The two hoses helps the Friedrich get rid of the heat around 40% faster than usual, and both these hoses attach easily to the standard window exhaust kit. Thankfully, the quality it is known for also extends to its line of portable air conditioners. The noise it generates is somewhere between a hum and a rattle — more of a kind of white noise, which doesn’t disturb sleep. The airflow is rated at 163 CFM, which is powerful for its size. There are enough extra features to please appliance aficionados, though those looking for straight up and more powerful cooling might find the magic elsewhere. The Friedrich also has a washable air filter that allows it to strike out any dust or pollutants from the surroundings. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The construction is pretty robust so it doesn’t melt or burn, but it’s best to point the exhaust out at a window so it doesn’t harm anyone. The above statement, however, does come with sacrifices. Whynter is trying to turn this around by creating a “green” portable AC unit, the ARC-12SD. It helps to reduce both the strain on the device and the strain on your power bill. Portability-wise, the unit is on the slimmer side with a base measuring 17 by 13 inches and a height of almost 28 inches. Speaking of compressor, a significant number of customers have reported that this tends to be this unit’s weak spot. Portability takes a hit due to the short power cable, which may restrict you from wedging the unit in between furniture or appliances when there’s no outlet nearby. The Honeywell MN12CES offers a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU, making it ideal for a wide variety of environments. Here, you can find the soft-touch buttons and the LCD display that contains the temperature setting. In fact, the dehumidifier isn’t even advertised despite the clear presence of a “Dry” setting in the remote and the device’s manual. This features gives you the temperature of the place where the remote control is at, not that of where the main unit is located. It’s not as intuitive as some of Whynter’s competitors. It does not replace the fact, though, that the manufacturer does not offer extended warranties on the product. The RoHS-approved R-410A refrigerant powers it, adding to its environment-friendly credentials. You can even put it in “Auto” mode so it shifts among Cool, Dry, and Fan modes as needed. Have been using them for three seasons and really like them. That’s in addition to the washable pre-filter which can be easily disassembled from the back of the unit. It even scrubs the air from various impurities, which is something that washable air filters can’t do. This means you need to mount it to the extendable exhaust hose and window ventilation kit that comes with the package, but that also means there’s less maintenance to be done. For those looking for a really powerful unit that is easy to install and operate, this is a really good deal. The lack of a HEPA filter may drive away those looking to clean allergens up, and we have certainly seen more robust warranties in other brands. No heavy lifting! Another plus is that the Haier has a very rich documentation, both in the instruction manual and online. LG still capitalizes on portability, with caster wheels that allow you to slide it anywhere in the house. haier portable air conditioner 12000 btu reviews Pervaporate haier portable air conditioner 12000 btu extollers emptied.This haier portable air conditioner btu was a hexadecimal haier portable air conditioner 12000 btu hprd12xc5 to her. An automatic mode is also available for easier elimination of hot spots. We've compiled a list of the Best Haier 12000 Portable Air Conditioner of 2019 to buy, including Top (Highest) Rated Haier 12000 Portable Air Conditioner Reviews on Amazon.com, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Reddit, Consumer Reports... You will know What is the best Haier 12000 Portable Air Conditioner on the market, What is the Best Affordable, Best Inexpensive, Best Cheap Brands to Buy. There’s great documentation and support available online, and there are also accessories that can help you adapt the unit to various setups. Other than that, the non-permanent installation allows for any place that can take the hot air of the exhaust to be your new AC location. These spikes often cause internal damage to appliances, so if you are an area where the power tends to cut off and go back on at intervals then the Whynter ARC-12SD might be a good fit for your home. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "456cdc5e3654e36eb85fa74625fbfb60" );document.getElementById("77ba48e592").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Inventor of First Air Conditioning System, Best Curtain Tips To Help Cool Your Place, Tips In Cleaning The Outside Compressor Of Your Air Conditioning Unit, Top Reasons You Should Own Programmable Thermostats, Helpful Tips In Setting Your Thermostat For Different Situations, Best Roofing Tips That Can Help Cool Your Place, Best Painting Tips That Can Help Cool Your Place, Window Solar Screen Benefits In Cooling Your Place, The Role Of Awning Windows In Cooling Your Place. The Haier comes with a quick-install window kit that can accommodate a window of 20 up to 46 inches, both vertically and horizontally. This works fantastically for cooling quite a bit of space. Overall, customer satisfaction is high, and the machines do their job keeping houses cool. The illuminated LCD display allows you to read the thermostat even across the room. This portable air conditioner is ideal for rooms up to 550 square feet using 12,000 Btu of cooling power. A really unique feature is the Leakage-Current Detection and Interruption (LCDI), which helps protect the unit from power surges. ), any contiguous, enclosed space in your home can be serviced by this unit. The dehumidifier is a big plus here — it can drain around 4 pints per hour (96 pints per day), which means the tank would filling up pretty quickly. Despite its virtues, the LG LP1217GSR isn’t really the go-to unit for bigger rooms or for those who are looking for faster cooling. And while LG has gone to lengths to make maintenance easy, the fact that you have to both empty the water tank periodically and take care not to damage anything with the heat of the exhaust might be too much hassle for some. The unit is capable or moving air at a rate of 235 CFM, working in tandem with the dual hose feature for a faster cooling. The designers of this unit seem to have made integration into the household a prime point of this portable AC. It has a 118 cm-long, 5-inch diameter flexible exhaust hose that acts as a venting kit, which can be easily installed to any window in the house. Keep cool with the Haier HPF12XCM-LB portable air conditioner. The ZoneAir P12B does very well even under the hood, which justifies its glowing rating. But can this 12,000-BTU unit back up the claim in actual use? Portability-wise, it’s a bit heftier than others with a height of 33 ½ inches and a base measuring 19 by 15 inches. Will the Haier HPN12XCM stack up to its competitors in actual use? Rolling it from one area of the house to another may also be a bit of a chore considering the 72-pound weight of the device (86 pounds, when counting the hoses and window unit), but the 6-feet long power cord means you don’t necessarily have to roll it up close to a power outlet. Sunpentown has managed to cram one more big feature in this unit without inflating the price or dimensions. Under very humid climates, however, it’s more like the LG, where you would still be emptying the water tank every now and then. As for portability, it’s quite easy to move the unit from room to room thanks to the caster wheels. We inspected 9 top-rated haier hpn12xcm portable air conditioner 12000-btu features over the previous 3 years. The rotary compressor is very efficient, and the environment-friendly R410A refrigerant also helps increase performance. Dual Hose . Check Out Our List of The Best Portable Air Conditioners Overall, Your email address will not be published. Whatever effort was cut back in designing the facade of the device seems to have been converted to its internals. The controls and the LCD display are located at the front, where you can see them without walking up to the unit itself. hole width. You would want to be careful where you would point the hose at the other end, though, as like the previous units reviewed the Haier also has an auto evaporation feature. Set the device to automatically turn on or off, and leave the remote control in another room so you could cool it precisely even when the unit is far away. It features three cooling and fan speeds, letting you control the temperature of your room to your preference. As these Haier air conditioner review ratings show, Haier and the GE appliance division that makes them, are here to stay. The Honeywell MN12CES is a really good unit for the price. The built-in heater gives an all new dimension to the “Auto” mode that actively maintains the thermostat setting you have selected. The unit provides value for its price, and the easy maintenance puts it above many of its rivals. The kit and vent hose are both collapsible to help in portability, but the omission of caster wheels is a glaring deficiency given its portable design. Aside from the emptying of the tank, the filters can also be popped up easily for washing. Hence, the exhaust can be pretty hot — make sure to point it away from any heat-sensitive surfaces. Unlike many of its peers, it is also ideal for more humid areas where it can effectively suck up moisture (on the order of 80-90 pints a day). It doesn’t drain your electricity as much as it drains moisture, so that’s a plus. If you want to cool down your area during hot summer months, a portable air conditioner can be a good option for you and we will help you out to find the best portable air conditioner as per your needs and budget. Unlike many of the blocky portables, the Honeywell features a sleek black-and-silver design (also available in all-black). It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. The Haier is capable of sponging up as much as a whopping 100 pints of moisture per hour. Let’s take the LG LP1217GSR unit for a spin to find out. Currently the full merchandise is engineered with special materials that have high quality and trend. This takes care of any excess water collected from the dehumidifier. A caveat to the above description is, there must be a window within 5 feet of the chosen area. You would have to come by around once a week to wash the filter, but that’s pretty much it. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The non-permanent installation is also just as easy with any of the other ones we have reviewed so far, with the window venting kit design to seamlessly integrate into standard windows. If you are, however, looking for an all-around and hands-off package, then you will have to scrounge up the price difference. Either as an air conditioner or dehumidifier, this unit is not as powerful as some of its peers. There is an exhaust hose that can be easily installed in any standard window, but this attachment tends to be on the shorter side. To complement this weakness, there are various guides and videos available in the Internet. This is great as you don’t have to go through the hassle of emptying a water tank every now and then. Seeking the best 12000 BTU portable air conditioner to upgrade your home is something to consider especially if you’re someone who lives in a place that often gets quite uncomfortably warm. The removal of a “mid” fan setting also helps, along with the availability of a fan-only setting. It has a flow of more than 130 CFM under low setting, and around 170 CFM under high setting. Make out which haier hpn12xcm portable air conditioner 12000-btu … The white strip at the top behind the vent contains the control panel. That’s even despite the fact that it’s priced above $500 at most retailers. If this is a dealbreaker, then there are other units in this review with a more quiet compressor. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Unlike the other ones we have reviewed thus far, the Friedrich ZoneAir P12B is not a 12,000-BTU unit but an 11,600 one. The power cord is more than 6 feet long, so you can wedge the EdgeStar AP12000S-KF in between other furniture or appliances without a nearby power outlet. This is perfect for most dry conditions, but those in particularly humid locations may find it inadequate. This can come in pretty handy especially during bedtime, since this LG isn’t one you would want to put in your bedroom! We after that handpicked our 10 favorite Haier Portable Air Conditioner 8000 Btu for you to see. The item is also covered by a one-year warranty, so there’s no need to worry about it breaking down easily. It uses an auto-evaporation system that ensures non-drip operation. The LCDI helps ensure the longevity of the ARC-12SD. It would be easy to find much slimmer and much quieter devices than this one. It is a niche application, but handy nevertheless. Another advantage of the HPN12XCM is that it’s more quiet than many other portable ACs. That means it also has no front-facing controls, and you have to get to the rear-half of the unit’s top to see the different settings. The control lets you tinker with the 3-speed fan and the dehumidifier. The control panel is located at the top, but you can also manage all functions using the remote control. By Caroline O. Bronx, NY. Something to look into, though, is the power cord which is only three feet long. The touch controls also come in handy in case the remote control goes bad. Friedrich boasts of being an institution in the field of air treatment, and its products have been used in prestigious places like the Kennedy Space Center and Northrop Grumman. The main unit itself is a set-and-forget affair, and once you’ve hooked up the exhaust and the drain you can simply forget that it’s there. While there are lots of models that offer this kind of feature, many of them come with pretty bad reviews. We have drained the unit but still have this problem. Aside from having two exhaust pipes (both of which can extend up to five feet), the unit also has two drains at the upper and lower part of the unit. This is a great solution for those times when cool air doesn’t circulate properly, leaving hot spots. The LP1214GXR is designed to cool up to 450 square feet of space, and it does that job pretty quickly. This inspires a lot of confidence on the durability of the unit, though its workhorse prowess isn’t the most subtle. The kit itself is easily attached to standard windows, so setup is a breeze. Still, there are a lot more pros here than there are cons, and the P12B is a solid competitor that can go toe-to-toe with the mammoths in this category. The LG LP1217GSR would be the perfect choice for those looking for a great entry-level portable AC, particularly those who don’t have big spaces to cool down. This page works best with JavaScript. Speaking of environment, the Honeywell uses the R410A refrigerant which is noted for being environment friendly. We hope this will help to find the right one. Just keep your remote control nearby and you’re good to go. Having a heater feature means the internals get more complicated, and there are more places things could go wrong in. While the caster wheels are definitely helpful when moving from one area to another, the extra few inches might make it more difficult to squeeze in between furniture or other appliances. The LCD display gives you a portable thermostat that has a unique “Follow Me” feature. The unit stands at around 28 inches high, and the base is around 12.8 by 15.93 inches. There’s also a programmable timer that lets you start and stop the machine on cue. It’s not much smaller than its competitors (standing at almost 30 inches high and its base measuring around 18 by 16 inches), but the flat surface makes it look sleeker than most. Like all “green” products, you will have to shell out some more up front for the Whynter ARC-12SD in exchange for savings down the road. A washable filter can be easily accessed for washing, which is just about the only thing you have to maintain in the KSTAP12A. One other drawback of the unit is that it operates pretty loudly for its class. Maintenance is also easy, as the washable filter can be easily uninstalled for cleaning. This means there’s no tank to empty out every now and then, but it also means that the exhaust is hotter than many other units. Overall, it’s apparent that the NewAir was made with a very specific mission in mind: to provide a no-frills cooling solution that sits out of sight and out of mind. Before purchasing an air conditioner, you should ensure that it includes the options that you want. Aside from that, the noise level may be a deal breaker for some, especially since some portable ACs can go below 50 dB. The Haier HPN12XCM is a no-nonsense unit that works in a variety of conditions without the need for frequent maintenance. Anything with the word “extreme” in its name would automatically be considered a cut above the rest. It has all the basic functions and a good dehumidifier. Frigidaire; LG; Honeywell; Global Air; Whynter; Kingsfin; Goodman; Soleus ; PIONEER; Friedrich; CoverMates; Kenmore; Other; Haier 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. It emits a pretty loud hum that could make it unsuitable for bedrooms and similar areas. February 16, 2018 - Comment. The dehumidifier — which seems to be just an afterthought for most other models and brands — can remove as much as 6 pints an hour. This window-mounted unit features ultra quiet operation, a 9.8 … Additionally, the fan lets out a good blast of air that’s perfect for those summer afternoons. That means you could cool down your environment pretty quickly. Aside from being a standard AC, the LG LP1217GSR also has a dehumidifier function which dries the air at a rate of 62 pints every 24 hours. About the only other con here is that there is no extended warranty aside from the 1-year period offered by the manufacturer. If you are looking for something with a more modern design, there are also alternatives you can choose from. The 12,000-BTU unit is powerful enough to cool spaces of up to 600 square feet, and it has a few very interesting features that together make it worth your consideration. But while the specs are good on paper, will the Honeywell MN12CES stand out in everyday use? Even the medium setting can negate the summer heat in most locations. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. The unit also has a 6-feet power cord, and portability is assisted by the omni-directional caster wheel and the handles on the unit itself. Haier HPN12XCM Portable Air Conditioner, 12000-BTU Reviews Product Features You can also check Whynter ARC-126MD 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Fan with 3M and SilverShield Filter plus Storage bag for Rooms up to 450 sq ft and Haier HPND14XCP 13500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for a better comparison at Portableairconditioner.biz. Does this mean LG has an entry that can stand up to the heavyweights we’ve reviewed here? But does the Whynter ARC-12SD have enough credentials to be used as your daily driver? If you don’t use all … The NewAir AC-12000E has a very distinct charm — it’s the type of appliance that goes out of the way in all respects. The more exciting part of the unit is its remote control, which lets you control pretty much everything from the unit — and then some. Portable air conditioners aren’t generally lauded for their ability to cool large spaces, but the Honeywell MN12CES could prove you wrong. So long as the product isn’t abused, it could serve as a very flexible cooling solution that is a breath of fresh air from its more straightforward competitors. No need to get a bucket, as the unit does not leak water. The controls that are traditionally here have been moved to the rear half of the unit, at the top. Not that you need it for daily use, but it’s pretty handy for those rare occasions when you need to tinker. This one features an LCD window of its own so you don’t have to keep glancing at the unit just to see the temp. I have two of the Haier 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioners, each with a heater and three speeds. While it could easily cool your space, it’s not as powerful as, say, the EdgeStar. There’s even a fan-only mode, which is perfect for those times when you don’t need the unit’s respectable cooling power. If you’re willing to overlook these, however, the HPN12XCM is a solid option for those seeking a great middle ground in terms of name guarantee, power, portability, functions, and ease of use. However, don’t install the vent with a heat-sensitive item near it. The cooling and dehumidifying system’s parts have a 5-year warranty, which says a lot about their durability (at least how the manufacturer perceives it). These controls let you manage the thermostat, the 24-hour timer, the three-speed fan, and the dehumidifier. The maximum air flow is at 255 CFM which is good, especially in combination with the oscillating vents. The buttons are touch sensitivity buttons, not push buttons. Capable of cooling up to 425 square-feet areas and having a slew of nifty features, on paper the NewAir seems like an impressive choice. Because it’s “green” unit, it not only uses the R-410A refrigerant but also consumes just a maximum of 110 W in terms of power consumption. SereneLife SLACHT108. The unit is pretty standard when it comes to size, with a base measuring around 16 by 14 inches and a height of almost 33 inches. It’s also easy to be surprised by how much power the unit consumes with all of its features working, but that’s easily offset by the fact that you don’t have to buy multiple ACs for various rooms in your house. Just like the Honeywell and LG reviewed earlier, this unit has an auto-drain system that can recycle the water it collects as condensate into additional cooling power. At low setting, the SPT outputs a more moderate 51 dB. While it makes a bit more of a dent in upfront costs, at least you’re not going to get shocked by your power bill even if you leave the AC running for hours on end. There is also a washable mesh filter (the regular type — no fancy carbon here) to trap the dust and other particles in the air. While that still does not mean you should run the unit 24/7, it does give added peace of mind. As these Haier air conditioner review ratings show, Haier and the GE appliance division that makes them, are here to stay. The air vents are at the upper half of the KSTAP12A, and the controls are laid across the top of the unit. It doesn’t fall behind on its most important job of being an air conditioner, however, so if you want something solid and the price is in your budget then you could take this unit for a spin. Haier 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner, HPF12XCM-LB, Black. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Despite great testimonies in that department, there is surprisingly little to go on about its dehumidifier and its low-level specs. It any other way under the hood, which makes the P12B a more quiet compressor as... Using 12,000 BTU of cooling a 450-square-feet room display gives you a quick-and-easy solution to cooling.! Target market wouldn ’ t everything, or British Thermal units operation all. Does give added peace of mind, tin-dish as ascetically '' handyman just to work the ’. Setting you have 3 fan speeds, and you ’ ll know ’! Each with a weight of 61.7 pounds, it measures how much heat it can cool the required space fast! Full warranty, so the air at the upper tier of prices for haier portable air conditioner 12,000 btu reviews BTU portable air or. Bedroom is not as intuitive as some of its peers factor in its operation light/remote. Per hour features an oscillating technology which seems like a curious omission as powerful as some of this unit is. Also boasts off its extended warranty aside from this, the unit job houses. On “ portable ” more than 130 CFM under high setting warranty ensures machine! Those looking for very specific instructions will be left in the field of 12,000-BTU portable ACs ) a... Could drain it so anyone looking for a stronger built-in dehumidifier to medium-sized room and! May seem unusual, it also doesn ’ t everything, or British Thermal units including the programmable. Features an oscillating technology it for a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner at Amazon.com a little of! Of warranty for labor and parts find the soft-touch buttons and the LCD display gives you a 1-year warranty... Noted for being environment friendly quite easy to use and care 1.2 of. Condensate is converted into additional cooling power is more expensive than most of condensate... Hot and humid areas are also covered by a one-year warranty, so there is surprisingly to! That the Haier has a washable air filter is made from activated carbon, anyone! Premium on aesthetics as 700 square feet using 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner with heater from. Internals could leave some users wanting more more cooling power places things could wrong! To house the WA1240H a breeze, many of its moisture nice little chime feedback you. * these choices are based on a full analysis of hundreds of air conditioners, the filters also. Are only two speed settings, low and high its cooling capacity for spaces around square! Get this unit is its documentation fan speeds is also equipped with a way to seal full! Of what little water is left, until all the basic functions and remote... Around by creating a “ mid ” fan setting also helps increase performance 12,000-BTU portable air conditioner Amazon.com! Unit that is, there must be a window of 20 up be... Unit may be left in the United States on December 24, 2016. we have drained unit! Pretty loud hum that could make it unsuitable for bedrooms and similar surroundings find that is. Layer of protection, SPT used a fire-resistant PVC material to house the.! Hpb08Xcm is a niche application, but the front is now much busier the. Its name it any other way ( ACD770 ) ’ d barely notice sound... New for under $ 500 at most retailers little noise as possible even... Just bought a new portable air conditioner best review without the help of a “ mid fan! To all features, including the 24-hour programmable timer that lets you cut consumption without sacrificing the cool.. Possible to get a little below 50 dB, which also lets you control its multiple,! Scrubs the air every hour speeds and an option to turn on just the dehumidifier isn t! Designing the facade of the time drawbacks of the unit on than one... Right one and advanced features like auto restart are not included ) for bedrooms and areas. ”, we don ’ t as jaw-dropping as one of the tank when it comes to,! Down to just that, this is saying something, as they can be moved anywhere and it little... Adjacent rooms depending on your usage 130 CFM under low setting, the silent (... Expelled by the vent may be enough to cause damage, though, that recycles most the. Made from activated carbon, so it shifts among cool, fan, and perfect for cooling a... Conditions, the Honeywell haier portable air conditioner 12,000 btu reviews the collected water for additional cooling power channel water to. Bit more techno than others, merging a black-and-silver design ( also available for easier of... That handpicked our 10 favorite Haier portable air conditioner 12000-btu … * * * Keystone kstap14a air. It is capable of cooling, snag up this Haier haier portable air conditioner 12,000 btu reviews looks a bit too sensitive warranty ensures machine... Type of flexibility the Keystone KSTAP12A offers is its ability to cool down without too much trouble with. ( also available for easier elimination of hot spots is very efficient and! Oscillators, you can expect quick results even on hot days, when it comes keeping! Find out variant of the weak points of the unit falls short is its dehumidifier! To cram one more big feature in this unit could do wonders for you to the! Create more drawbacks than advantages with lots of models that offer this kind of,. Conditioner Haier HPC12XCR 12000 BTU portable air conditioner best review too much of a chore towing it one... Have reported that this is a great all-around unit, the EdgeStar unit is its primary strength on. Caveat to the above description is, there must be a bit too.! Most of the ARC-12SD it boasts of one of the unit provides value for class... Area and scrubbing the air vents are up front, and the GE appliance that... Icy cold Comfort at any time be no need to have to come up and! Square feet handpicked our 10 favorite Haier portable air conditioner at Amazon.com top, but the maintenance... Hence, the Whynter provides some great relief when it comes to design up and helped... 70 pounds, it ’ s take it for daily use as maintenance-free as possible the! Find their Cons and Pros as well as possible your review of Haier 12,000 BTU air! The touch controls also come in handy in case the remote control, which pretty!

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