Perinatal Loss and Infant Death

In the spring of 2015 an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America met to discuss the felt lack of resources for Orthodox pastors in cases of miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death. The conference produced a draft document entitled, Perinatal and Infant Loss: A Resource for Orthodox Christian Pastors. The document offers pastoral advice, liturgical suggestions, medical information and a list of resources in an easily accessible format for practical use by the pastor in his daily work.

The subcommittee was chaired by Fr. Ian G. Pac-Urar, facilitator for the Committee for Pastoral Practice, who also served as the General Editor for the document. Co-authors and members of the subcommittee were: Archbishop Benjamin (OCA), Archbishop Mark (OCA), Father Peter Jon Gilquist (AOCNA), Dr. Philip Mamalakis (GOA, Holy Cross School of Orthodox Theology), Anna Crawford, Linda Ellis, Elizabeth Lien and Jenny Schroedel.

Work on the text continues in response to reviews and critiques by medical, scientific and pastoral practitioners, as well as academics in the fields of Orthodox Christian liturgics, dogmatics and canon law. You can offer your own suggestions by emailing the authors at:

The complete, draft text may be viewed here:
Perinatal and Infant Loss: A Resource for Orthodox Christian Pastors rev 12-31-15