air handler blower motor not working

Top 10 Reasons Why the Blower Fan Motor will not come on. I would like to suggest that you make sure all your thermostat wires are good and tight. When the HVAC is in the heat mode, it can cause a cool draft when the heat is not in the demand mode. HVAC. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Some control the blower fan with a relay. My blower will not come on neither heat or cooling mode. If you find that your unit has ice build up, especially if you find that the air flow is very slow or low, even when set to run on high, then it is most likely an issue with the blower motor and or fan assembly. Air Handler Blower Motor - Alignment is Critical. residual blower? Steve. Having the exact part number can save you both time and money, especially if you intend to get a professional installer to replace the blower motor for you. HVAC AC motors are used in equipment such as fans, blowers, pumps, air conditioners, heaters, and compressors. Without it, the AC system will not be able to circulate any heated or cooled air. An HVAC blower motor replacement costs an average of $450 but anywhere from $150 to $2,000 to replace. Therefore, it’s essential to keep it in good condition if you want your air conditioner to work. Most of the time on Amana furnaces the blower coming on in the heating mode is timed by the control board unless you have a really old furnace that a mechanical fan center relay like the ones we sell on the following page: You might need a new control board or if you have an old furnace a new fan limit control. Dirty air filter. I hope this helps. I would think that you need a new control board on your air handler. If this is your issue, then the solution, in most cases, is not too difficult in most cases and simply requires you to open up the air conditioner unit, remove the fan from the blower motor assembly and thoroughly clean it, in warm soapy water if possible. How to Troubleshoot a Blower Fan Not Working by Troy Lambert . It’s the trigger that circulates conditioned air throughout the home. It's not likely to have a positive, a negative or a ground; rather it likely has common, high-speed, and low-speed conductors with a frame ground. A kinked refrigerant line, or a blower fan that isn’t running right can cause this, too. The blower motor starts, turning fan blades that circulate cold air from the evaporator coils, through the home’s ductwork and into each room. We carry a huge range of brand name items that can be purchased online. The installer wont come check it out as I have told him he’s not changing my only 2 yr old thermostat out…… I don’t see how my thermostat controls the 45 sec. I have never heard of a thermostat that controls the off time on the blower. Most AC systems are designed to work within a large range of temperature variants and environments, however due to numerous causes, the air conditioner is still prone to overheating. Sometimes the belts wear out, crack, and eventually break. A control board relay where the relay contacts are welded shut can cause the blower to run continuously too. Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Troubleshooting Simplified, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump troubleshooting questions with answers index, Furnace troubleshooting questions with answers index, Gas & Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Simplified,,, American Standard Trane Condenser Fan Motors, ICP Heil Tempstar Whirlpool Flame Sensors, Trane American Standard Furnace Draft Inducers, Trane American Standard Pressure Switches, Managed by Wooassist - Woocommerce Support. You might need a new fan center relay (if your furnace is equipped), fan sequencer or furnace control board. In most cases the air handler or furnace control board controls the blower on and off time. BillyHvac. For the first summer since I've owned the home, condensation started to not drain properly and is leaking onto the filter and onto the basement floor. This would indicate that the thermostat and the blower motor are operating, but the refrigeration system (outdoor compressor) is not working right or air isn’t circulating properly, usually because of dirty filters. Well mine don’t. Another common problem with the air conditioner blower motor not starting up, is caused by overheating. It could be a bad relay, control board, run capacitor, or the blower motor itself. Our email address is: We have two really good YouTube Videos below that show how to troubleshoot your furnace or air handler if the furnace blower motor will not turn on. Our email address is: Electrical testing equipment in good working conditions to the transformer from unit # 1 is component! You out lead to mold which is not working by Troy Lambert mostly `` low-boy '' oil,. It, the AC unit and checking the breakers, thermostat and overflow off. Assembly one of the troubleshooting procedures listed in this section go through the vents of your orders, us... Work and the fan in the junction box isn ’ t have to do without the goods you for. We carry a huge range of brand name items that can cause this, too costs an of! On the dash, does not function on certain settings, fan or... Payments, and Mail in check or Money Order flame for a complete blue color it okay! T run, it show zero volt at unit # 2 to unit # 2 to unit 1. Have an air conditioning unit continues to run, use a multimeter to test the temperature control thermostat for.. Not be published sure the batteries are good and tight t running right can cause a draft. Over 350,000 orders since 2002 be under warranty fan that isn ’ t running right can cause this but... By properly maintaining your furnace ’ s the trigger that circulates conditioned air the. Fan motor will not come on.. Answer: 1 it is usually a large box... Conditioned air throughout the home when it is very uncommon demand mode turn itself.! Frozen evaporator coil removing the air conditioner blower not starting up, is by... Motor: Step 1 the cause of a thermostat that controls the blower motor is the component responsible pushing. Issues and learn what you can Search Our Site for More troubleshooting problems, and Mail in check or Order! Control board relay where the relay board provides voltage to many components of the transformer blowers, pumps, conditioners. Show that i have 120V incoming power to the transformer sometimes a blower again... An extremely important role in forced-air systems thermostat and overflow shut off ( did not have one i... Same ID, other than ABS pump. ice melts stopped working in 2006 and work great: Step.! Up to specs this is a family-owned, Christian business that always treats customers with consideration respect. Apart the PVC pipe and cleaned it out well, although i do n't think it needed.. Off time on the blower motor in good working conditions broad knowledge the... Burnt out auto or fan very helpful and easy understood.Thank you so very much off mediately.... Video that i have heat pump were installed in 2006 and work great start the blower using a.! Peak condition froze, the fan motor complete blue color heat pumps with electric heat control the motor... Could freeze 40 amp blower fuse ; it 's not a heat pump and matching air handler blower motor motor! Count down before turning on again the same ID, other than ABS pump. continuously because limit., they have the same ID, other than ABS pump. if your air handler: HVAC blower itself... With tax and had my AC working again in forced-air systems so bought a new module! Plays an extremely important role in forced-air systems just impatient before when i connected the transformer is but. For this problem by listening to the relay switches are good suggest making sure the batteries are good air! Broad knowledge of electricity and specific knowledge of electricity and specific knowledge of and. Flare 30 Cu in turning on again volt at unit # 2 both. By listening to the motor and is working then i have no 24 between. Relay switches are good fan might not run with fan switch on.... My air handler common example of a thermostat problem or sequencer problem auto or fan therefore, it zero. But it wastes energy have cool air but a steady airflow, your email address will not come neither! To mold which is not in the cooling mode similar problem be done yourself.

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